Live Blackjack

How does Live Blackjack work?

If you’ve ever played Blackjack in a land-based casino, you won’t be lost at a live casino. In fact, the live games follow the same codes as in real life. You will only have a time limit to place your bets and make a decision related to your Blackjack game.

Playing live Blackjack is a great way to get used to the dealer’s actions. With this remarkable video system, you will quickly become familiar with the game and the rules of Blackjack. Moreover, you will never again be able to place suspicion on the veracity of the casino. In fact, all of the blackjack action will take place right before your eyes. Best of all, your games will be lively while you enjoy your usual comfort.

How do I play live Blackjack?

How play live Blackjack

The way live Blackjack works doesn’t necessarily change from traditional Blackjack. As such, the flow of the game will remain the same as in a standard Blackjack game. Be aware, however, that playing live can be confusing for some players. Thus, we advise you to get acquainted with the rules before embarking on a live game.

So before you start playing, you will need to:

  • Get to know the rules and practice;
  • Find an online casino that offers live games;
  • Make your deposit so you can play;
  • Finding a table that fits your needs.

What are the best live blackjack tables?


So, as we mentioned, you will need to find a table that fits your desires. To that end, we’ll explain the difference between Blackjack from a physical casino and Blackjack from a studio. This will make it much easier for you to make your choice.

Live blackjack from physical casinos

First of all, it is possible to play live from a physical casino. This means that you can join a French casino but also a casino based in Malta, London or Bucharest. The table in the land-based casino is filmed live and allows online players to participate in the same way as the players who have come to the casino.

The broadcast of the physical casino game gives players the impression that they have been transported to another country. You’ll see everything the dealer and other players are doing on the site. This brings a certain authenticity to your games.

Live studio blackjack

Live studio blackjack

Game publishers have understood the craze for live mode among gamblers. Thus, Evolution Gaming, NetEnt or Eguzi have decided to create their “own casino”. To do this, they have simply invested in recording studios to create the atmosphere of the casino.

Thus, the dealer is also present, but the difference is that all players come from online casinos. In terms of atmosphere, the player will feel as if he was in a real land-based casino. Studios are a great alternative if you can’t find a table in a real casino.

How do I choose my live blackjack table?

 When choosing your future gaming table, there are of course, a few criteria to consider:

  • Choosing between a live game from a land-based casino or a recording studio ;
  • Choosing a table with limits that fit your balance ;
  • Select a table with a variant that you like;
  • Check that the table is available at the time you choose (since these are jabs, some games may not be available);
  • Make sure there are seats available to start playing at the chosen table.

 You are now ready to choose the right blackjack table for you.